Optimize Rig Operations with Our Handling Tools Rentals

Handling Tools Rental Service: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Rig and Drilling Operations

At MFF Oilfield, we recognize the critical importance of handling tools in the smooth and safe execution of rig and drilling operations. Our rental service offers a comprehensive range of handling tools, each designed to facilitate specific aspects of drilling work. By providing high-quality, reliable tools, we aim to enhance operational efficiency and ensure the safety of the workforce.

Elevator/Spiders: Elevators and spiders are essential for gripping and lifting drill pipes, casing, and tubing during drilling operations. They provide secure handling and precise maneuvering of these components, ensuring seamless operations. Our rental service offers a range of elevators/spiders to accommodate different pipe sizes and weights, tailored to your project’s specific requirements.

Manual Tongs: Manual tongs are crucial for making up or breaking out pipe connections. They allow for the controlled application of torque to drill pipes, collars, and tubing. MFF Oilfield provides a variety of manual tongs, ensuring you have the right tool for the job, regardless of the size or type of pipe.

Power Tongs: Power tongs are used for the same purpose as manual tongs but offer the advantage of automated operation, providing more consistent torque and faster make-up/break-out times. This leads to increased efficiency and reduced labor costs.

Slips: Slips are used to securely hold drill pipes in place in the rotary table during drilling operations. Our range of slips can accommodate various pipe diameters and provide a strong grip, ensuring stability and safety.

Safety Clamps: Safety clamps are essential for preventing dropped pipes by providing additional grip during hoisting operations. They act as a backup for elevators and are a critical safety component in any drilling operation.

Bushing and Inserts: Rotary bushings and inserts are used in the rotary table to provide a smooth rotation of the drill string and to reduce wear on the drill pipe. Our bushings are designed for durability and efficiency, enhancing the lifespan of your drill string.

Drill Collar Clamps: Drill collar clamps are used for handling drill collars and stabilizers. They are designed to handle the heavy weight and stress associated with these components, ensuring safe and efficient handling.

How MFF Oilfield Can Help

Our rental service not only provides access to a wide range of high-quality handling tools but also ensures that these tools are well-maintained and meet industry standards. We offer flexible rental terms to fit your project timeline and budget. Our experienced team can also provide guidance on the most suitable tools for your specific operation, ensuring that you have the right equipment to maximize efficiency and maintain the highest safety standards.

In summary, MFF Oilfield’s handling tools rental service is your partner in ensuring efficient, safe, and cost-effective drilling operations. With our comprehensive range of tools and expert support, you can confidently tackle any drilling challenge.


Tubular Handling Tools play a major part in any modern drilling operation. They are used for suspending, moving and rotating tubulars in and around the centre of the drill floor. Handling your tubular can be a tricky business, MFF makes sure you have equipment that is durable and makes handling it a walk in the park.

Handling tools such as tongs, spinners and torque wrenches are used in make-up and break-out applications. Finally, handling tools are often used in rotary functions. The manual tongs, drill pipe slips, casing slips, drill collar slips and elevators are designed and manufactured to API 7K and API 8C standards, with strict quality control and inspection before delivery.