Macaroni Tubing

Macaroni tubing is small diameter tubing manufactured as per API 5CT standard, this macaroni generally comes in the sizes of 1” (1.315” OD), 1 1⁄4” (1.66” OD), 1 1⁄2” (1.90”OD) and 2 1/16”OD. The last one that’s 2 1/16” is used less often. Macaroni Tubing which is part of a Macaroni string, this Macaroni string is run in the wells for the production by the method referred as artificial gas lift, this is conducted in those wells which have cessed to flow due to exhausted life of the well. And in the process of artificial gas lift, Macaroni string is run inside the production tubing string of 2 7/8” or 3 1⁄2”, and high pressure gas is forced through the macaroni string, due to this increased pressure inside the well, the flow will commence again from the production tubing.