Mud Cooler-Rental Services

Mud Cooling Systems Background

Mud Cooling Systems are based on proven technology over many generations of heat transfer for the process industry. Applications include:

  • 1. Oil, Gas, Geothermal Drilling – cooling drilling fluids
  • 2. Oil and Gas Refineries – gas cooling/condensing
  • 3. Petro-Chemical – steam condensing
  • 4. Power Generation – fluid cooling
  • 5. Steel – wastewater cooling

Mud Coolers

The MFF Oilfield Mud cooler improves safety and drilling efficiency in HPHT applications. The technology reduces fluid loss and non-productive time (NPT) while also protecting the health and safety of the rig crew. Drilling high-pressure, high-temperature wells for oil and gas is often risky and complicated; temperature fluctuations combined with the pressures associated with deep hole drilling result in severe axial and tangential stresses at the borehole wall. Drilling mud is heated by a combination of pressure and mechanical friction and this heat can increase with the drilling action, altering the basic rheology of the drilling fluid. Hot drilling mud also affects the service life and accuracy of in-hole measuring devices that incorporate seal assemblies that can adversely react with high temperatures.

Mud Coolers are very specialized equipment used in the High-Pressure High Temperature (“HPHT”) drilling activities. The main function of Mud Coolers is to reduce the temperature of the drilling mud substantially, which benefits as follows:

  • 1. Lowering of flash points for site safety when using oil-based drilling fluids.
  • 2. Extends useful life of drilling equipment
  • 3. Is environmentally friendly and Improves working conditions.
  • 4. Greater accuracy with “down hole” measurement when using “MWD” devices.
  • 5. MWD and Logging tools can go to greater depths and with increased endurance due to reduced thermal stress.
  • 6. Reduce usage of additives and increase life of elastomers.